by Polina

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/100 cd-r self-released
/200 cassette release on Desordre Ordonne (Montreal) and Utarid Tapes(Malaysia)

Sold out.


released January 20, 2010

Recordings completed by Polina and Adam Carter.



all rights reserved


Polina St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: DIY Jux
i convert masses with a single spoonful of my own, don't stare into the camera or you will loose
concentration, asphyxiation. we must keep ourselves until those gracious words to release.
each scene less tasteful than the last, we must finish. director, this isn't for the money
or the fame, this is self gratifying. how hard will it be for you to swallow every ounce of me.
Track Name: Mountain Theory
i'm no more than a reflection in this glass, a fraction of a glance. chemical imbalance.
as we laugh in the face of all who were born. life flutters in scope and sometimes compares like kings conquering mountains.
move the rook across the board, and place me back in check. pull back the camera.
i've reached the pinnacle of unselfishness, nothing left to give, like a philanthropist.
Track Name: Mathnxiety
leave this place, i need the pace. spell out goodbye, calculate and then round it back.
i promise that we wont pray, if you choose not to stay. it feels like those days when i was always waiting
on her, like i sit in motion some kind of delay. it peaks an interest then fades away.
drained down to mere decimal, and settles away with rust. as we seep away from here, we can count back the years.
Track Name: Ghostvids
i can't speak with my mouth
stop rewind, stop rewind; everyday the same
clouding our senses as we lay here
dreams are cyanide filled and left with a frown
each day the same, no new words to follow
my friend, my brother
yesterday is today; and today is tomorrow
my friend, my brother
you sleep right here, you dream for too long
repeat; make this your routine
Track Name: NJB
i live on my hands and knees
we need so much more than this
seeking moments of our flesh
skewed limerence, skewered limitations, schooled lively hood
drink and sleep, breathe so deep and i still feel everything
bite my lips and make me teary eyed
only imagining where i'll be when you rot away
buried in pink hair and blue eyes.